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Nutrition Certification: Advanced Diet & Meal Planning

Created by: Felix Harder Release Date: Rating: 4.6


Learn Advanced Diet And Nutrition Strategies And Create The Perfect Meal Plan For Yourself Or Your Clients

Hi, I'm Felix Harder fitness and dieting coach and amazon best selling author. My "Advanced Nutrition Certificate" is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet, no matter if you want to lose fat, build muscle or simply be healthier.

In this course I will take you through the process of becoming a nutrition expert step by step. You will learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of good meal plans and how to design your very own for you or your clients. 


I created this course as a complete program that will help you understand the science behind advanced dieting and then apply this knowledge in real life. It is divided into the following 3 parts:

Part 1. Recap Of Nutrition Fundamentals

  • Everything You Need To Know About Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat

  • How To Determine Your Optimal Calorie Intake

  • Meal Timing: When To Eat For Optimal Performance

Part 2. Advanced Nutrition Theory

  • The Building Blocks Of Food: Amino Acids, Glucose, Triglycerides Etc.

  • How Your Body Turns Food Into Energy

  • How Your Metabolism Really Works - Can You Break It?

Part 3. Applying Theory To Practice

  • How To Create The Perfect Fat Loss Diet: Step-By-Step

  • How To Create The Perfect Muscle Growth Diet: Dirty Bulking, Regular Bulking Or Lean Bulking?

  • What To Eat To Get Six-Pack Abs (incl. Sample Meal Plan)

  • How To Avoid Diet Related Diseases Like Diabetes, Acid Reflux & Leaky Gut Syndrome

  • The Pros & Cons Of Common Diets (Low Carb, Low Fat Etc)

Researching and gathering all the knowledge you need to create the perfect meal plan takes a lot of time, so I created this course as a complete program to teach you everything there is to know about dieting & fitness.


Dieting Fundamentals

  • Everything You Need To Know About Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat

  • How To Determine Your Optimal Calorie Intake

  • Find Out Exactly How Much Protein, Carbs & Fat You Need

  • The Perfect Pre- & Post-Workout Meals 

  • Diet Breaks: How To Take Them Correctly 

  • Ready To Use Meals Plans To Lose Weight And Build Muscle 

Advanced Dieting For Fat Loss

  • Should You Build Muscle Or Lose Fat First?

  • The Different Phases Of A Fat Loss Diet

  • The Settling Point Theory Explained

  • How To Reverse Diet

  • How To Set Up A Refeed Day

  • Science-Based Strategies And Supplements To Reduce Hunger

Advanced Dieting For Muscle Growth:

  • The Muscle Growth Priorities (You Have To Get These Right!)

  • Step By Step Dirty Bulk

  • Step By Step Regular Bulk

  • Step By Step Lean Bulk

  • Intra Workout Carbs: Do You Need To Consume Carbs During Your Workouts?

Popular Diets & Fallacies Explained:

  • High Carb vs Low Carbs Diets

  • High Fat vs Low Fat Diets

  • Carb Cycling

  • The HCG Diet

  • The Blood Type Diet

How To Avoid Common Diseases:

  • The Right Diet To Avoid Acid Reflux

  • The Right Diet To Avoid Constipation

  • The Right Diet To Avoid Diabetes

  • The Right Diet To Avoid Leaky Gut Syndrome


The nutrition program is made up of multiple downloadable worksheets, eBooks and other printable resources. If you sign up you get access to all of them so you can study anywhere and at any time

BONUS RESOURCES (Downloadable PDFs, eBooks & Printables)

  • 100-page Nutrition Theory Guide

  • Printable Course Slides

  • Six Pack Meal Plan (incl workout)

  • Fat Loss Meal Plan (exact calorie, protein, carbs & fat values)

  • Muscle Growth Meal Plan (exact calorie, protein, carbs & fat values)

  • Vegan Meal Plan

  • Pre- & Post Workout Meals

  • Recommended Supplements

All In All The Program Includes Over 60 Lessons On Dieting And Nutrition

So If You Want To Boost Your Performance, Feel More Energized And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You

Learn about proper superfoods nutrition, meal planning, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Better meal planning and healthy cooking will help with weight loss, building muscle and overall well being.

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